Woodland Park, Chain Bar, Cleckheaton

Title: Woodland Park, Chain Bar, Cleckheaton

Client: Prospect Hill Development Co, Ltd

Value: £1.2m

Built on the site of a former hospital, this scheme consisted of new office units, an entrance and car park.

QSP’s main challenge on this design & build project was in clearing the site for development in the face of extremely difficult ground conditions. To put in bluntly, we were building in a bog!

The water table presented a colossal complication and at times it seemed as though the whole of Cleckheaton golf course drained into the site. The significant civils element of the build included the installation of huge surface water storage tanks to control the flow of water into drains.

The extreme ground conditions hindered even the most mundane tasks as delivery vehicles were forced to part company with loads some distance from their eventual location.

In spite of the challenges faced, we delivered a very attractive building, on time and on budget.